lunes, 15 de junio de 2015


Incredible. This morning, just as Shell's oil rig was about to leave the harbour in Seattle, Greenpeace USA activists blocked them from leaving with their kayaks and a huge “Shell No” sign.

They’re a few brave individuals. But they didn't do it alone - there’s millions of us standing side by side with them across the world. In fact, you’re what’s kept them going. “This truly feels like a David and Goliath stand-off. But I’m not scared – because I know that over 7 million people like you are here with me.” These are the words of John Hocevar, one of the activists who was there.

Stand with John now and demand a stop to Arctic drilling:

We might not be able to physically block Shell’s oil rig like John did, but we do have a chance to send a clear message to someone with the power to stop Shell’s shady plans altogether. That’s President Obama. He’s already feeling the pressure from our 7 million strong movement. Now thanks to these brave activists, and the headlines they’ll make, we can step this up a gear. Tell President Obama to revoke Shell’s Arctic drilling license. Email him now:

Obama’s time as President is running out - and just like when anyone leaves a top job he wants to leave in a blaze of glory. American Presidents want roads and schools named after them. Surely, Obama doesn't want to be remembered for being the “leader of the free world” that ignored the world when it came to stopping climate change and protecting our beautiful Arctic.

Greenpeace USA activists have made sure that when Barack Obama picks up his newspaper with his breakfast tomorrow morning he’s faced with a front page splash telling him to stop Arctic drilling before it’s too late. Now we can make sure when he checks his inbox it’s flooded with the same urgent message:

With hope for the Arctic,

India & the Arctic team

PS: Today we launch an Arctic Emergency Appeal - can you help us fund our work to protect the Arctic at this crucial time? We need to raise £40,000, to ensure that planned campaigning activity can go ahead in the coming weeks - find out more and donate here: